Monday, May 02, 2005

Wa wa What!!!

Wa wa What!!!
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Freeway Flock

There I was no shit, moving down the freeway at 80 mph when I caught a blip of an unnatural urban color out the corner of my eye, I had to investigate...

After negotiating the loop of death to get off and on the freeway again. I pulled over to the side of the road to find three cranes stuck to this bridge support.

How bizarre someone stuck three origami cranes on the concrete pillar. It's Common here for people to leave roadside shrines to those loved ones who have passed in bad car accidents.

But I don't know if this applies here... no stuffed animals, no photos, no flowers, just these Hindu prays on their wings. Blessing the bridge who knows.

Note; On one of the wings were the words "Gods judges us according to our deeds not the coat we wear. "

Less than twenty yards away there was a abandoned coat lying on the road...


...I don't Know.



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