Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Sublime and The Ridiculous

2005/05/01 Listen Up Brother, While I tell You...
Originally uploaded by "CAVE CANEM".

First, I am not making this up...

Not long after finding Buddhist prayers on the freeway, I was confronted
with a roadside religious display of a different type. Soon after I left the same freeway and parked, I ran smack dab into a man I've only seen at a distance, Howling at wind trying to sale his message to the people.

Who is this you might ask? We'll in my town like any town there are certain festivals/event like the Jazzfest, thanksgiving-day parade, etc, where there can be over million people attending. And where there is a crowd there is always the
"Abortion Guy," he's the guy who rents the billboard trailer to tow behind his van at the Dream Cruise@. or walks our 4th of july fireworks with an Sandwich board, Bullhorn blaring. This pisses people off.

What was strange about this encounter there was no festival, no teeming crowd, just the Abortion guy, sign in hand, on an empty street, with his van,... and me.

For the second time in day I was blind-sided by "Ones conviction on display"

AG: Standing with his sign making sure I get the full effect,
"are you my brother in Christ?"

Me: Eyes locked I stand mute for a few second before responding,
"May I take your picture?"

AG; Still looking me in the eye,
"I thought so...sure."

I documented the moment because, it was in such contrast, in execution and tone, with the one I had just had on the freeway. I couldn't just let it pass. Then I was and was on my way.

Europeans/ non Americans will find this issue/images baffling. So let me give the cliff note version of what's going on...

Some Americans believe your Humanity (and all the rights to exist)
begins at conception.

Some people believe your Humanity begins at birth. (once you leave
the woman's body)

The CHOICE of Americans to wrestle with, debate and, compromise with, these two fundamental beliefs was snatched away in 1972 by our Supreme Court. It is the law of the land, there will be no debate, there will be no town meeting, There will be no vote, you will accept this in all cases at all times. This pisses people off.

Actually, I don't think anything pisses Americans off quicker.

This also released a storm of unintended consequences of which were still reaping the whirlwind. Buildings are being bombed, Incest crimes can continue for years more with a quick visit to a clinic, and the Republican Revolution!!! (circa 1994-until???)

I believe there is a simple way outta this mess allow the people to vote... let people gut check then decide were they and their community stands... I hear this is what "they" ( or elected officials) did in Europe, and this its not an issue there.

Until then many of us will simply turn the corner one day and be greeted by the Abortion Guy. Sign in hand. Howling at the wind.

I'm just happy I didn't find a bloody coat twenty yards away...


*** Warning! the high strung and the weak of gut, Don't look
at the third image in this set ***


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