Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Your Last Tax Free Coney

2005/05/11 Your Last Tax Free Coney
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We'll, well, well, the brain trust that run my failed city has finally found a way to turn things around... more taxes! This will of course bring that young hip crowd, small biz and restaurants, back to the inner city. You may have heard of this being joked about in the national press its called the "fat tax." This will be the first city in the union to tax "fast food". (fast food to be defined at later date)

Big Deal you say Stick it to McFoods and Burger Despot. Well the truth of the matter is most them have long ago abandoned our fair city. By far the most plentiful grub-n-go enclaves in the city are the "coney joints". Yes NYC has their NY strip, Chicago has the deep dish pizza, Heck even LA has the California Cuisine, We have the "Coney" a hot dog with bad chili and dehydrated onions on it. Don't get me wrong I'm A big fan of Coneys, scarfed down tons of them. Mostly after baseball games. The big attraction you ask? They usually run about 99¢. Two for a dollar on Tuesday.

"The great leader" has told us this will only add two cent to the cost of burger truth be told its a 2% tax which if you buy a couple of those $6 Happy Meal for you kids this could add up. "The Coney Guys" are gonna take it on the chin. If you know anything about the restaurant biz their profit margin is only about 2% because of spoilage and employee turn over cost. More importantly there is already a 6% tax on all restaurants so the "Coney Joints" get hit with a 8% tax. Never mind all those property, biz, state, and sale taxes, all before they put a dime their pocket if there a dime left.

Oh yeah, did I mention there also a 3% tax to work in a city where few want to live in. That sucking sound You hear is the sound more jobs, businesses, and citizens moving to the burbs. Idiots!! (deep sigh)


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