Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Day of Many...

Happy New Year, Mayor
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Jan 1
I pour myself out of the bed bright-n-early today somewhere around 3pm, head pounding, angry at the freaking world. I'm hating this year already as my fridge greets me empty and unyeldingly white.

More pissed I, drag my remains to the car... "orange juice, I must have orange juice". I arrive a few blurry minutes later at Parkies liquor Store (isn't this how I got in this condition anyway?). Just I step out of my car, I catch in the corner off my eye, a sticker that brightens by my world view.

...I laugh so hard when I see this sticker that it made my already throbbing head hurt more, I don't care. This is 'Simply Brillant'. For those of you that don't live in my 'Fair City', 'hizz honor' the mayor, 'Kwame' just won relection two months back, which in this town means life-long employment. And at the rate this city is losing talented, capable, citizens to the burbs (about 4000 familes a month) last election was the 'last best chance', we who love this city would have to remove this big ape for the next 20yrs.

Ape? Think I exaggerate? Chris Rock based his bafoonish political movie character off of this guy. His spin during any of his many scandles is laughable, and he put this city nearly 300 million in the red. (sigh) So it goes. You'll get to see our fearless leader during the next Super Bowl, he'll have his mug plastered all over the Tv next to rappers, video hoes and overpaid players, no doubt in some club using the city credit card. But for now, how can I best describe him lets see...? The man has the moral scruples of Harold washington, with the managment skills of Ray Nagin.

'nuff said'

This sticker told me I'm not alone in this fallen burg, today is a good day.

(yesterday was my birthday)
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