Monday, December 19, 2005

Barber Kong

Street Theater: This weekend I stopped by the barbershop to get cleaned up, a quick 'lop and chop' to get ready for the Christmas visiting. This shop like most others has a Tv in the corner, usually playing "the game", the news, or sometimes even running Madden 2005. As I settled in the chair I caught out the corner of my eye the preview for King Kong. I know, I know, Kong just came out last wednesday, and they'll probably run them every 10 minutes for the next two weeks, "so it goes." Shortly afterwards the barber began his grim work, and after a few minutes I saw it again, buzz, buzz, cut, cut more Kong. Then it hit me, "thats not a preview that's the damn movie..." (Good Grief) It just opened 4 days ago.

Allow me to recommend you go see, it looked pretty good... LMAO.

That's right 'Big Media', keep suing children, and adding Draconian DRM code, and root-kits that wont work with my next computer upgrade, that'll stop media copying dead in it's tracks. Riiiiight! Hey you moronsHere's a marketing strategy (no consultants ness.) make your content easier to download, easier to buy, easier to use, and more easily portable, than some street hustler. I don't know like iTunes maybe, you heard of it?


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