Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where's Sri Lanka and Kofi?

Hurricane Katrina - Biloxi - "We Shoot Looters"
Originally uploaded by Deep Fried Kudzu.

Recent reports say New Orleans is now 80% under water and helicopters are transporting rescue/ responders to rooftops to cut holes to search for bodies in an efforts to stop "aftermath" outbreak of disease. So I ask you Where's Sri Lanka and Kofi Annan? And why am I the only one asking this question? Oh that's right our news reporters and politicians are too busy blaming an "act of god" on Bush and the fact he didn't sign that no growth "Kyoto Protocol" (Clinton didn't either) Have you heard the BBC today? The smirking "Global Warming" slant they've attached to this tragedy is repugnant.

Do remember, I do, that in less than 24 hrs after the "Great TSunami" we (the U.S.) were called greedy, heartless, and stingy because G.W. Bush didn't immediately promise to automatically tax "5%" of our GNP to the UN to rebuild Southeast Asia? That was way before anyone had an idea of the extent of the damage. So I ask where's the UN's "demand" that France raise its taxes to pay for "Katherine," and isn't Indonesia just a little uneasy about not promising to build us a state of the art hurricane warning system (lol). Do you think that anyone outside of our boarders are ringing their hands tonight, do you think they're are any European or Asian ships are steaming towards our shores with tons of aid, ready to help rebuild one of our cities? I think not. Truth is, were good, "gonna be tuff" for the next few weeks, but we don't need them, and still they should be embarrassed by the all the "lip" they give us.

...about a many number of things.

Quick note- In 2003 alone, its been reported that "the evil and selfish" Americans alone gave 230 Billion yes "Billion" dollars in Charitable donations. No doubt we gave more last year by the way the most was given by your "bigoted, racist, homophobic, selfish" religious neighbors (jeez).


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