Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let Them Eat Yellow Cake

It's been two weeks since the bombings in london and I've had the cable news running on the background as much as possible, hoping to catch a snip-it of Britons' (political class) resolve stiffing. Hoping against hope "our" press maybe, one day soon, would return their focus back to those trying to kill us. But with the volume down, all I saw was a procession of images of, a long dead girl in Aruba (EU legal system @ work by the way), some idiots standing in the middle of some hurricanes, and a red face Dave Gregory, shouting and drooling spittle... wait I thought, this could be it?

I then cut it up the volume, just to be confronted with some nonsense about Karl Rove blowing some CIA agents "deep cover".

You don't know who Dave Gregory and Karl Rove is?

Good you have a life.

For those still reading here's the short story ...

Bush lied, in his state of the union speech in 2003! Haven't we all heard, and heard, and heard, and heard about it? It's pretty much was the sum total of his oppositions strategy during last years election, again today, and I wager it will be the same during next years elections.

How do they know this? British, French, Russian, intelligence? Nope

You see Joe wilson, "said" Bush lied, and that there never was any yellow cake uranium in Africa! Ever! Pile on the top media enclaves constant refrain "Only a idiot would believe something like that!" "Bush made it up!" "He made it up on, his Texas ranch when he, the neo-cons, and Tony Blair were cooking up this phony war in Iraq." You start to decode the source core of all the "Bush lied," therefore "The War in Iraq is Illegitimate," spin.

I have neither the time or the inclination to pick apart these specious arguments so I will let the press and "Yellow Cake Joe" do it for me.

First pretense, there was no-connection between Saddam and Osama never pursed nukes wanted it if their was. Heck they didn't even know each others name. Nothing here to see folks, nothing to see!

...Oh really? Please watch, ABC make BUSHs' "Case for War" point by point in this (pre-Bush) 1999 report.

Second pretense, the story goes... "The courageous whistle blowing Joe Wilson" and his CIA wife have been the target of "the nefarious" Karl Rove. He personally unleashed a relentless cabal to ruin them by exposing her "super secret clandestine status" in the press, putting her life in danger and ending a bright career.

...Oh really? Better to let Joe Wilson tell you himself...

Spit take yet? If not, chant aloud with me, "Ignore the terrorist man behind the curtain. Ignore the terrorist man behind the curtain." Repeat this fifty times a day, believe it, now join the don't knows and the don't wanna knows.

More facts on wilson the press refuse to see...

1. Inside Cover Story

2. Plame security breach? It just ain't so, Joe


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