Thursday, June 16, 2005

Boyhood Dreams

2005/06/04 Fire Sale II
Originally uploaded by "CAVE CANEM".


There I was no shit minding my own business right? I’m on my way to a tiny beach in the “thumb” with this “fun girl” and not a care in the world. I was off freeway, avoiding the rush, digging the sun, and lucky for me, I turn this corner and there it was… just sitting on the lawn of a converted “strip farm.”A Big Red fire Truck and for sale even, Holy…!!!! Before I knew it every boyhood fantasy flooded back into my head, the clanging bell, sirens blaring, lights flashing, and me driving the rear end using that big steering wheel, barely missing mailboxes as we take the curve, kicking in doors rescuing children the whole nine yards. RRRRrrrrrrllll Move over people I’ve got lives to save dammit!!! Men reading this get it.

I had to jump out the car start shooting to the annoyance of my car mate, after 15 minutes of “Oh wow’s, climbing” and shooting I got “the look” …I ignored it. What!!! It’s a Fire truck!! :^)

I was going to import these into Photoshop and crunch some blacks add some cool borders, push some colors really work these images over and make them pop. But at the end of the day that would have taken away that “kick” I got when I rounded the corner. So here they are fresh candy out box.

So close you eyes, Imagine yourself seven years old, and this truck is in your driveway to play with. Open your eyes. I hope you will enjoy.



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