Thursday, July 14, 2005

Say A Prayer for Gabby?

Originally posted on Feburary 25, 2005 at my other blog

On my best days I’m a bizarre man, a private man, and a slight mystery to most. Nonetheless a man who cherishes his friends, and takes a deep silent joy out of their successes and happiness. Alas it’s that joy my friends share with me that spurned me to start this blogg.

Above is an image of my friends PK & RB first child. Gabriella Ann, the only survivor of premature twins, thrown into this world at a scrappy 1 lb 8 oz. She’s a fighter. She’s getting the best neonatal care in the state. But I want to cover all the bases. So I want everyone reading this blogg (yes this means you) to “say a prayer for gabby”. All I ask is that say a quiet, small prayer for a small, quiet soul. The God you pray to is unimportant, your unambiguous desire for one “of the least of us” to get a break is very important. So take a second, thanks.

I know I know the web is plagued with cynical atheists, "smartest guy in the room" types, but I’m asking all to take one for the team. For a very simple reason… it couldn’t hurt, and it may just help.

If you feeling ambitious send your"prayer for gabby" to me at and I’ll pass it on to PK & RB.

(link to this site every prayer counts)


I saw Gabby's parents the other day at the All Star Game. They looked like young parents should, healthy, fit with faces unmared from previous troubles and worries as Gabby was fighting her ass off, in a near by city with a world class neonatal team.

I'm Happy to report that today the girl is coming in at robust 15lbs and growing...

Thank God, for nurses doctors and the human mind that figured how to help this baby. Thank you for your prayers, you know who you are.


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