Friday, July 01, 2005

This Is Just wrong I tell you...

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On second thought, why does any of this surprise me? Lucas long ago gave up any pretext to storytelling. Can Someone please tell me the story arch the Ewoks fulfilled? I mean, can't you just see the Marketing Minions laying prostrate before Ol'e George presenting the next brave new world for the Star Wars Empire inside the "death star" we call Skywalker Ranch...

Marketing Minions in unison, " My lord"
George Lucas, " Yes my slavish minions"

MM: " We have found yet another set of rubes to exploit and thus expand your dark reach
GL: What!!! you told me none had escaped "The Lucas-Force of Mass Marketing." That my powers were worldwide, my saturation powers endless," staring, eyebrow raised.
MM: Fearfully bowing an scraping, "True dat Great and powerful one. There are no shadows to dark or child to poor that they could not, no strike that, would not consume whatever crap you regurgitate"
GL: "Go on"
MM: Nevertheless your Eminence we found a community, once shunned when you "began" your quest for "absolute power", but now are embrace as normal by midday talk shows. We also found that they are flush with cash with no sense of impulse control.
GL: "Go on"
MM: "Sire we give you the Fetish community"
GL: "Fascinating, you soulless curs, bring me home now"
MM: "Our projections show with the right amount of Marketing and "Official Licensing" we can reach 100% saturation in six months"
GL: I'm Brilliant!! But what will our are cover story be against any off- the-reservation rebels.
MM: "we can say we're doing it for the kids."
GL: Rubbing hands together, "Yesssssss, excellent!! That
just might work!"
MM: Smiling and nodding in agreement, "That old sawbone beats them every time master."

GL: "Good! So let be filmed, So let it be done!!!!"

And with a dismissive wave of his hand, the faceless minions quickly slither out of the room through unseen exits,

or at least that's how I imagine these things get done.

C.C. @2005


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