Tuesday, July 19, 2005

He'll play chess, You play checkers...

Holy Cow, Bush pulled the trigger on a supreme court judge

Ahem, If I may paraphrase... Bush is playing chess, while his enemies keep playing checkers. He did it again, the democrats were out flanked tonight, and he rope-a-dope the press keeping his choice a secret until the last moment and it pissed off the press...

After all this "Rove Row," It was very an interesting night last night to watch the media "demand leaks."

...yes It was.

He's found and nominated a solid conservative, intellectual, candidate that's well liked in Washington circles. Checkmate.

Let us guess what the democrats will say as they tear at him in public. Come on everybody sing along, you know the words to this old ditty.

"He's against the downtrodden..."
"He's against the environment..."
"He's against a woman's right to abort..."
"He's a ideologue, extremist, and out of the main stream."
"This is a crisis for minorities, and women, everywhere and a three legged tree frog somewhere."

Sigh same ol'e tired playbook.

Funny you will not here any of his detracters ask "if he's against the constitution." (and give coherent reasons why)

Feel better Now all together now, wipe a single tear from your eyes (sniff)

this is why he will be confirmed...
Not due to his education
Not due to his judicial decisions
Not because George Bush thinks he's 'god'

He will be confirmed because, he's spent years going to the right parties and
pressing the right kind of flesh. You see politics, like most professions is just like high school all the cool kids on the left like him, personally, emotionally, and when the money from the interest groups run dry they'll vote for him anyway.

Sorry ACLU
Sorry NOW
Sorry MoveON.hate


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