Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sundays' Best

When I was a kid, studying American history, I remember being fascinated by the editorial cartoons of the late 19th early 20th century. Even a toe head kid like myself could grasp the reson for anti trust laws. I mean close your eyes and now imagine the the issues surrounding Standard Oil without picturing that "pen and ink" image of the octopus with its multiple arms squeezing the "pillars of American industry". Zing! Pow! Bang! you get it, even the illiterate got it. Some have said they even brought down the all powerful "Tammany Hall" in NYC

Sadly the editorial toons in my local paper don't measure up this tradition, in a word they're ...lame. So I do what everyone does when confronted with local mediocrity, I went to the net. These are my picks for the best, ironic, acidic, and on-point "toons" of the past week...enjoy.

@ All rights reserved these images are presented for Review not profit
For a bag of "top shelf Ed-toons go to toon-o-rama


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