Thursday, July 21, 2005

Open Letter to a Friend

(My God its only been two weeks)


Whew!!! Your Safe! Good news! thanks for the quick note,

First, thank God for the "Lori Grapevine."

Second, The "frail word controversy" in England reminds me of the language committee Winston Smith was "assigned to" at the end of 1984

Third, Britain is pacified but not out, the British political class disappointed me two weeks ago by responding to original homicide bombings by pushing for...wait for it ... A law banning hate speech against religion. ARRRGGGG!!! Followed up by a "terror summit" at which known muslim firebrands wagged their finger in Mr. Blair's face saying "this was your fault, you brought this on yourself." And he didn't have these ass clowns tossed out the country the next morning? DOUBLE ARRRGGGG!!!

Top this off with London's mayor comments yesterday... triple ARRRRGGGGG!!!!

Robin, was it true that Blair loss the most seats in parliament last election to a more aggressive pro Britain first party? There's still hope.

May I refer everyone to Winston Churchill's Nov. 16 1934 speech. It speaks with clarity and brilliance to the nature of fascist killers and their pacifist appeasers. That kind of strength doesn't fade in fifty short years.

Oh yeah, sure we want you to come "home" bring your entire family this time dammit!! Haven't you heard? We have no discernible borders... come on in the waters fine. :^)

Ok my nervous energy is all gone... be safe everyone give your kids a extra hug for me.



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