Saturday, November 12, 2005

Adam Corolla is Dead

Better yet let me quote the man himself.... "he's dead to me." No not really I'm still a fan, but here's the deal, last Thursday was Adams' last show as co-host of Loveline. In true Adam style it happened with little fanfare and little warning, and I missed it... crap! Loveline has been my audio refuge the last few years when I was pulling an all-nighter or had slight case of insomnia.

For the uninitiated Loveline is an interesting sexy live sex/relationship radio talk show. Most nights it's tough to listen to the callers pour their hearts out telling their "survivors, stories." Sometimes though I was tears while laughing at callers"dirt dumb" questions wondering to myself, "how do they take showers in the morning without drowning."" Dr. Drew is always a pro giving sober, sane advice for everything from basic "how to find help for drug addiction" to "scary acurate," radio diagnosis" for some pretty serious diseases. But truth be told the show deals with serious issues and could get "heavy" in flash, without Adam busting chops on guest, telling folks to get a life, and going on rants about pop warner football. Drew's good but he couldn't tell a joke to save his life.

Thank God for internet!! I was able to hunt down Adams' last 3 "farewell" shows and will set them up as podcast over next couple of days...

Day one...

Adam starts the show uncharacteristically sentimental about leaving, this alone is worth the download.

Enjoy, good times...


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