Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quote of the week #1

Week ending December 17, 2005

Iraqi Voter, Dearborn Michigan: "Go To Hell" (VIDEO)

“Anybody who doesn’t
appreciate what America
has done and President Bush,
let them go to hell”

– Iraqi Citizen, voter Betty Dawisha


You tell 'em sister
             - Race Bannon

If this woman is representative of most Iraqis (which I doubt), Iraq is headed down the same path the U.S. is on — ever increasing division, bitter partisanship and ineffectual government. That's indeed something to "cheer" about.
               Your typical, joyless, defeatest, 
deviant, liberal blogger,
-The Subjective Scribe
(no hotlink find his ramblings yourself)

Hat tip to Political Teen still the best source for online political/cultural videos


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