Monday, February 20, 2006

Damn Life's Tuff

First of all: If your laughing at this picture your are a heartless, soulless, hateful, indifferent , compassionless, cruel, unfeeling, callous, hard hearted, unsympathetic, unkind, dismissive bastard. May you rot in the eternal flames of Hades, and may it be both hot and humid.

Secondly: It is kinda funny, aint it? ( LMAO )

Last but not least: This picture isn't a put on... I didn't make this sign,
it not a joke. I was on my way back to my humble abode when again,
out the out the corner of my eye a saw something that I had to capture. I made
a Michigan left, parked, zig-zagged in-between traffic to get to the median and grabbed these images.

Often when I review this picture I think of the back-story here. Irwin's owner clearly, deeply, loves his pet, the surgery, the pills, had to cost a pretty penny to keep Irwin alive. Clearly the owner is one those "no cost is too great for my baby" people, commendable but a little scary. Now let's "flip the script." If you ask me I think the damn thing ran off to find a quiet, peaceful place to die (no really). Imagine what it was like living with this owner the constant hovering, the unending pain, all the baby talk, at some point I would want "do myself" too. I can't tell you how this story ended but I hoped things worked out.


I thought long and hard
about putting this image online I know what
ripe bastards people can be. It's been sometime since I took this shot,
still, I'm afraid some asshole may call and torment these poor people further.

Don't be that guy.


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