Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh This is Too Rich!

Nov 2007, Dateline Massachusetts; The progenitor of all things bad in the modern public square.

If you don't know by now again the "northeast-corridor types" are trying to enshrine their "Boston values" into law. Seeking to ban spanking state wide, and to set a legal precedence so other "fellow travelers" can ape this "fringe secular view" nationwide using Article IV, Section 1 of the constitution. Ahhh but wait, as all well reasoned Americans understand, writing laws for "the plebes" and actually living under your own misguided good intentions are two different things.

Now let's spend some "a very special" moment with the bills sponsor Lexington Rep. Jay Kaufman... (orig posted Jessica Heslam)

The spanking controversy has dominated Boston talk radio for two days, but don’t ask the lawmaker behind a proposed spanking ban whether he spanked his own children.

Lexington Rep. Jay Kaufman, a Democrat, went on WTKK (96.9 FM) host Michael Graham’s show this morning to talk about his bill to ban corporal punishment, which would make it illegal for parents to spank their kids at home or in public.

When Graham asked him whether he spanked his own children, Kaufman got angry. “It’s none of your damn business,”
Kaufman snapped.

one could not make up such a total display of "a complete lack of self-awareness," if one wanted to!

Yes of course it isn't mister Kaufman!! Hopefully when you gain a adult outlook on life and politics you will realize that, not only isnt it Michael Graham’s business it’s not the (nanny) states business either! (It's so tedious to have write this, but still... A corrective SPANKING on a childs rear, AINT A BEATING folks!) I live for the day mister Kaufman, that one of your children or grandchildren has you arrested under your own foolish law. And one can't help but openly wonder, "Will this finally be a catylist for the people of Massachusetts to stop voting for anything with a D behind it?" ...sigh I doubt it nonetheless I though this outburst spoke volumes about the progressive moral compass! (lol right)

track the story yourself:

(1) Bay State’s going slap-happy (2) Spanking past brings tears (3) Anti-spanking crusader wants his privacy (4) lol and hear his outrage now for yourself (5) Anti-spanking bill is folly

Hat tip: to Radio Equalizer for tracking this story

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