Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Shame of it All

After what I'm sure was some tough judge shopping, the ACLU is opening the 'legal fiction' component of the "IMPEACH BUSH NOW agenda" in my 'fair city' this week, it will take the form of a "NSA class action lawsuit". I've seen interviews where ACLU lawyers admit they have no evidence that their clients have been targeted, but what the heck it's free money. (You do know "we the people" pay for every ACLU lawsuit whether they win or not?) I'm embarrassed, no ashamed that they choose my hometown as 'the base' for these 'shenanigans'. I will predict this foment will reach its peak during Sheehan's hissy fit this summer, and none of this 'noise' will go anywhere. America I apologize, this is shameful town where people come to do shameful things. (sigh)


The Gorillaz: Live in Europe

The Gorillaz; Feel Good Inc.

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I'm posting this simply because the idea is so freaking cool! The Gorillaz, 'The Greatest Virtual Band in History', won Best Group at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon on November 3rd, 2005. Afterwards, they took the stage to play "Feel Good Inc" live, in the form of holograms forever leaving the limitations of 2d film behind them, How crazy is that? If you ever heard the song Feel Good Inc. and didn't bop you're head, your way over thirty and should click over to the 'OReilly Factor'.

Anybody still there? O.K. This preformance is freaking Unbelievable, Sick, and simply Amazing! Life size holograms not projected on a some screen, but actually in the room performing for a live crowd, joined later by the living "De la Soul" to jam the crowd together. The Gorillaz, "the world's most popular virtual band'', hands down are, the most ambitious, creative, multimedia, concept in entertainment I've seen in a decade. Enjoy Good times

My rating: ❶❷❸❹⑤

My 2WORD review... Brilliant Execution!


Hat tip to MilkandCookies.com.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Funniest Tv Show of the Season...(unwittingly)

NBC's "The Book of Daniel" premiered last Friday with a two-hour special that was heralded as the next "Desperate Housewives" but ' stank up the joint' with a third-place showing in the ratings. Actually it's hilarious not in the Sienfeld way but in the 'Plan Nine from Outer Space' way. Pat Robertson and room full of angry Bob Jones graduates couldn't have written a more hyperbolic satire proselytizing the pitfalls of 'liberal Christian theology' and its inevitably ends. This "toleration" approach to sin was so prosaically demonstrated in Reverend Webster's "sermon" it left the viewer with impression that the 'Good Reverend' has no coherent understanding of sin not to mention the human condition. That sermon was an almost perfect distillation of liberal theology expressed as mind-numbing non-judgmentalism. This priest 'Daniel', and his family are poster children for postmodern times. I cannot recall a series in which a greater number of characters seemed so desperately detestable. The real writers perhaps realizing they've created a crop of characters who are so morally compromised, irredeemably mean, venal and idiotic, that they try to tell us these people are really sweethearts, using a therapeutic Jesus as head cheerleader. Amazingly, this "Christ figure" just wants humans to get over their 'hang-ups' about sin. Sin!!! Sin!!! This show wouldn't recognize a sin with both hands on a bible! It was so bad I actually shed tears... laughing very hard at its flailing attempt to push the cultural envelope. But, believe it or not I think this show could be 'saved' (Pun intended). 

First things first, who was the executive genius that saw this and said "this make sense to me, this is a plausible story, I think people are gonna wanna watch this, go forth and make it so"? This guy should be 'Soooooooo fired'. Tom Shales of the Washington Post observes, "There ought to be a worse punishment than cancellation for a show that tries this hard to be offensive and, even at that crass task, manages to fail." I agree wholeheartedly, crucifixion anyone? (LOL) Ironically, the show may succeed in accomplishing what it almost surely does not aim to do – demonstrate clearly that 'tolerant liberal theology' inevitably leads one into being trapped by almost every form of sin, temptation, and dysfunctional syndrome imaginable with no end in sight. This I think is a foundation you can build on, for bitter sweet-comedy. I see that with just few tweaks NBC could be sucking in millions of Christian eyes now turning away offended, while staying edgy enough to win awards from their media friends.** 

How to Move This Debacle from 3rd to 1st

  1. Make it a ½ hour comedic morality play (think My name is Earl)

  2. Simplify Give him a 'holy adversary' 'Jimmy the evangelist priest' (think Cheers, Melville's/Gay's Olde Towne Tavern) who's every success, stable family, larger flock, etc drives Daniel to all of Seven Deadly Sins and let the hilarity ensue.

  3. Dump the carpool buddy, hippy Jesus, The mere portrayal of him in this way turns people off, accept it, move on.

  4. Streamline the show plot "how does Daniel of keep church growing to please his bosses, his ego, God etc., keep his flock sinless, and family together. Not how to 'shock and awe' Christians this week.'  

  5. Hire a religious "advisor" someone, anyone who's cracked a bible open to help all the priestly "inside baseball" scenes ring more true. (details count)

  6. Start the show with sermon (think early Seinfeld) quoting a scripture, which he spends the entire show tying to fudge for his own petty ambitions. The more he tries the more his life humorously spirals out of control.

  7. At the end of each show, have have him break the fourth wall with a 'Final Thought', as he gets the point of his own sermon.

  8. Bitter-sweet Character Arch (over years); as Daniel slowly "gets it' and accepts the priestly life he's chosen and all its requirements. He'll divorce his wife, come to an impasse with his gay son, etc. but becomes more at peace with himself. (sam never got Diane or played baseball again)

  9. Move the show to Tues. Leave it be, so people can find it and let it grow.

  10. Fire the mutton-head who green lighted this mess! TODAY!!

**Discloser I'm part of the 'godless' creative class... and I'm a Christian.

Hat tip to Dr. Albert Mohler's who's commentary inspired me to post this and from which I borrowed 'liberally' 


Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Day of Many...

Happy New Year, Mayor
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Jan 1
I pour myself out of the bed bright-n-early today somewhere around 3pm, head pounding, angry at the freaking world. I'm hating this year already as my fridge greets me empty and unyeldingly white.

More pissed I, drag my remains to the car... "orange juice, I must have orange juice". I arrive a few blurry minutes later at Parkies liquor Store (isn't this how I got in this condition anyway?). Just I step out of my car, I catch in the corner off my eye, a sticker that brightens by my world view.

...I laugh so hard when I see this sticker that it made my already throbbing head hurt more, I don't care. This is 'Simply Brillant'. For those of you that don't live in my 'Fair City', 'hizz honor' the mayor, 'Kwame' just won relection two months back, which in this town means life-long employment. And at the rate this city is losing talented, capable, citizens to the burbs (about 4000 familes a month) last election was the 'last best chance', we who love this city would have to remove this big ape for the next 20yrs.

Ape? Think I exaggerate? Chris Rock based his bafoonish political movie character off of this guy. His spin during any of his many scandles is laughable, and he put this city nearly 300 million in the red. (sigh) So it goes. You'll get to see our fearless leader during the next Super Bowl, he'll have his mug plastered all over the Tv next to rappers, video hoes and overpaid players, no doubt in some club using the city credit card. But for now, how can I best describe him lets see...? The man has the moral scruples of Harold washington, with the managment skills of Ray Nagin.

'nuff said'

This sticker told me I'm not alone in this fallen burg, today is a good day.

(yesterday was my birthday)
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Thursday, January 05, 2006

My 2006 predictions

It's 2006... Well here we go again. I've decided to try my hand at the prediction game this year. I've never had a format before to check my world veiw against reality and grade my self with. Hey everyone else is doing it this time of year why not me.


- Will continue to build its 'deep blue' navy, and its joint military exercises with the Russians
- Will begin to sink billions into the N. Korean infrastructure, renewing it's economy, in preparation for Chinas' post Olympic expansionist aggression.
- Will continue to intimidate and bribe the world community to disregard Taiwanese' sovereignty.
- Will sell billions in US debt to slow the US economy, (dry run for later)
- Will continue to develop Cuba, and Argentina into 'client states' by increasing cross training with 'military advisors'.

- Will announce plans to test their nuclear weapons
a. The EU, will ring their hands in mock outrage, and continue to sell Iran the means to build them.
b. Israel will ring their hands, with real dread, but will not attack.
c. US will ring their hands, but will do nothing until after the Nov. Elections.
- Will step up the systematic slaughter of the 70% of the population that doesn't support the current government.

- The Euro will reach new heights increasing in value by 8 - 12% as Iran transitions from PetroDollars to PetroEuros. This move and the damage it will cause the U.S. economy will inspire other oil countries to follow suit (e.g. Argentina)
- The will continue to move away from cradle-to-crave befits for all
- The Birth rate for Europeans will continue to drop.
- Germany will begin to move away from anti-military restrictions in its constitution
- Islamic youth will rise become more violent in France. I predict a long hot summer!

- Will continue double digit economic growth and form a parliament with the Sunnis fully participating.
- Saddam will be sentenced to death and his popularity at the time will be higher than ever.
- Troop levels will be reduced to 32,000 and moved out of major cities.

- The elections will be a disaster of violence, and voter fraud, Hamas will win the majority of seats.
- They will immediately declare their desire to exterminate Israel.
- They will fail to provide trash pick up, free education for children, or any economic growth.

US Domestic

- Popularity will hover more-or-less at 47 - 51%. The press now claim polls are unimportant.
- The press will blame everything from rainy days to the smell of farts is his fault. (ok, this is a gimmy no points)
- Cindy Sheehan will camp out at his Crawford Ranch surrounded by more press than followers.
- There will be no terrorist attack on America him to fight.
- There will be no 'bird flu' in America for him to fight.
- Will get one more Supreme Court pick.

- Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide.
- Republicans. Will lose two governorships
- Republicans. Will lose 6 House seats and no margin of total Senate seats

N. Orleans;
- After a successful Mardi-Gras it will fall of the media radar.
- Ray Nagin will be rewarded with reelection for his stellar performance and leadership during hurricane Katrina (LMAO)
- The project cost for levies will double before a plan is drawn up.
- The levies wont begin to be rebuilt due to local infighting.
- The cities population will stabilize at 73% of pre Katrina levels
- The 'ninth ward' will be 'stolen' by city officials to give to casinos and big developers (thank you supreme court)

- Will continue to treat Senate Democrats as colleges as they continue to pull stunts and grandstand to make Republicans. Look like Fools.
- Will lose both House And Senate leaders to scandals.
- Will lose the (legal) redistricting fight in Texas.
- John McCain and Arlen Spencer will use the Alito Nomination to embarrass the Bush administration (which helped them get in office). He will be confirmed anyway.
- Will fail to renew the most effective parts of the Patriot act.(McCain will block)
- Will fail to use everyday red state folks as advocates (Counter Sheehans)
- Wont have the balls to make permenats the Bush tax cuts
- Will maintain their majority in both parts of congress

- Will take more of they're "talking points" directly from blogs like Daily Koz, and MoveOn.org
- Following the Jay Rockefeller 'memo plan' will push for Bush's impeachment. They will fail, with no help from the Republicans.
- They're election strategy is we're less corrupt than those other guys.
- Will continue to describe US armed forces as terrorist like thugs, broken, living hand to mouth, Nazi like, and lifes losers (See Kerry, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, Nancy Peilosi.)
- Will continue to run away from their earlier votes for the war. (The story: Bush tricked us)
- Will splinter leaving at the party leadership only the most shrill, throwback-leftist at the head of party
- Will continue to deligitmize the war and those who fight it, while claiming to support the troops.

- Will think they have the juice to filibuster Aleto they will fail.

- US growth will slow to between 2 and 3% growth after alt min tax kicks in, the Bush tax cut isn't renewed, and shift monetary policy around the world (see Iran)
- Apple stock will max out $89 before dropping to current levels.
- Dow Jones will reach new unrecorded heights 11,200+

US Mainstream Press

- Will continue to predict the inevitable 'Civil War in Iraq'. It wont happen.
- Will claim any gains by Dems.. as the "Death of the republican revolution"
in a heretofore unprecedented media orgasm.
- Times' man of the year will be Hillary Clinton.
- Will breathlessly claim Hillarys' victory means that the country is 'finally' ready for a Woman President.
- Cindy Sheehan 'summer camp' will be better produced (better graphics, slower theme song, bigger softball questions) She will be visited be by Hillary Clinton this year.
- Will ignore the medicines, real uses, and concrete advances of adult stem cell research, and continue to tout the 'glorious potential' of stem cell research from embryo destruction.


- The 'Jon Stewart Oscars' will be the most political, Bush hating, and gay worshipping in history, and have the worst ratings ever.
- He will be invited back next year.
- Spielberg will win a second Oscar for, portraying Israeli heroes as more morally 'dirty' than the terrorist butchers they hunt, in his movie "Munich".
- Movie sales will improve, (slightly) only in contrast to the dismal sales of last year.
- Michael Jackson will file bankruptcy to keep 'Neverland'.

- The most promoted and critically acclaimed movies of the year will be... (easy no points)

a) Anti-military, (portrayed as malevolent or mind numb robots, think Stealth, Jarhead)
b) Anti Bush/America, (portrayed as evil/to big/too stupid to eat, think Fahrenheit 9/11)
c) Pro Gay, (sold as the next Brokeback Mountain)
d) Anti-Religious, (priest will be pedophiles, confused, or leaving his faith)

List Total Points: 100

This should be fun to see how this turns out at the end of the year, I have a feeling this is going to be wild ride.


The devil is just one man with a plan, but evil ... true evil is a collaboration of men which is what we have here today. If I am a guilty man, my crime is in daring to believe that the truth will out ... I believe it still. Much as you try to bury it, the truth is out there. Greater than your lies, the truth wants to be known. ...It'll come to you as it's come to me, faster than the speed of light. -agent Fox Mulder