Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sundays' Best

When I was a kid, studying American history, I remember being fascinated by the editorial cartoons of the late 19th early 20th century. Even a toe head kid like myself could grasp the reson for anti trust laws. I mean close your eyes and now imagine the the issues surrounding Standard Oil without picturing that "pen and ink" image of the octopus with its multiple arms squeezing the "pillars of American industry". Zing! Pow! Bang! you get it, even the illiterate got it. Some have said they even brought down the all powerful "Tammany Hall" in NYC

Sadly the editorial toons in my local paper don't measure up this tradition, in a word they're ...lame. So I do what everyone does when confronted with local mediocrity, I went to the net. These are my picks for the best, ironic, acidic, and on-point "toons" of the past week...enjoy.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

"It's Not about Iraq, People"

This one is for all my friends who think if we run away they'll
leave us alone! (a source any good liberal can trust)

Attacks on UK will continue, radical cleric says
By Gideon Long
Reuters (These guys distrust the US even more you do!)
Friday, July 22, 2005; 10:57 AM

LONDON (Reuters) - Militant Islamists will continue to attack Britain until the government pulls its troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, one of the country's most outspoken Islamic clerics said on Friday.

Speaking 15 days after bombers killed over 50 people in London and a day after a series of failed attacks on the city's transport network, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed (look up this guys record) said the British capital should expect more violence.

"What happened yesterday confirmed that as long as the cause and the root problem is still there ... we will see the same effect we saw on July 7," Bakri said.

"If the cause is still there the effect will happen again and again," he said, adding he had no information about future attacks or contacts with people planning to carry out attacks. (You believe him? heck...seems like a honest broker to me)

Bakri, a Syrian-born cleric who has been vilified (vilified...vilified??? Like those who find this guys "ideology" vile, are the bad guys.) in Britain since 2001 when he praised the September 11 hijackers, said he did not believe the bombings and attempted attacks on London were carried out by British Muslims.

He condemned the killing of all innocent civilians (Why doesn't the press reiterate, that to these facist, there is no such thing as innocent non-muslim. All infidels are guilty of being non-believers!!) but described attacks on British and U.S. troops in Muslim countries as "pro-life" and justified. ("pro-life???" what sick logic)

In an interview with Reuters, Bakri described Osama bin Laden, leader of the radical Islamist network al Qaeda, as "a sincere man who fights against evil forces."

Bakri said he would like Britain to become an Islamic state but feared he would be deported before his dream was realized.

"I would like to see the Islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world," he said.(and he woke up in London today...why again?)

(read on my friends)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Open Letter to a Friend

(My God its only been two weeks)


Whew!!! Your Safe! Good news! thanks for the quick note,

First, thank God for the "Lori Grapevine."

Second, The "frail word controversy" in England reminds me of the language committee Winston Smith was "assigned to" at the end of 1984

Third, Britain is pacified but not out, the British political class disappointed me two weeks ago by responding to original homicide bombings by pushing for...wait for it ... A law banning hate speech against religion. ARRRGGGG!!! Followed up by a "terror summit" at which known muslim firebrands wagged their finger in Mr. Blair's face saying "this was your fault, you brought this on yourself." And he didn't have these ass clowns tossed out the country the next morning? DOUBLE ARRRGGGG!!!

Top this off with London's mayor comments yesterday... triple ARRRRGGGGG!!!!

Robin, was it true that Blair loss the most seats in parliament last election to a more aggressive pro Britain first party? There's still hope.

May I refer everyone to Winston Churchill's Nov. 16 1934 speech. It speaks with clarity and brilliance to the nature of fascist killers and their pacifist appeasers. That kind of strength doesn't fade in fifty short years.

Oh yeah, sure we want you to come "home" bring your entire family this time dammit!! Haven't you heard? We have no discernible borders... come on in the waters fine. :^)

Ok my nervous energy is all gone... be safe everyone give your kids a extra hug for me.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let Them Eat Yellow Cake

It's been two weeks since the bombings in london and I've had the cable news running on the background as much as possible, hoping to catch a snip-it of Britons' (political class) resolve stiffing. Hoping against hope "our" press maybe, one day soon, would return their focus back to those trying to kill us. But with the volume down, all I saw was a procession of images of, a long dead girl in Aruba (EU legal system @ work by the way), some idiots standing in the middle of some hurricanes, and a red face Dave Gregory, shouting and drooling spittle... wait I thought, this could be it?

I then cut it up the volume, just to be confronted with some nonsense about Karl Rove blowing some CIA agents "deep cover".

You don't know who Dave Gregory and Karl Rove is?

Good you have a life.

For those still reading here's the short story ...

Bush lied, in his state of the union speech in 2003! Haven't we all heard, and heard, and heard, and heard about it? It's pretty much was the sum total of his oppositions strategy during last years election, again today, and I wager it will be the same during next years elections.

How do they know this? British, French, Russian, intelligence? Nope

You see Joe wilson, "said" Bush lied, and that there never was any yellow cake uranium in Africa! Ever! Pile on the top media enclaves constant refrain "Only a idiot would believe something like that!" "Bush made it up!" "He made it up on, his Texas ranch when he, the neo-cons, and Tony Blair were cooking up this phony war in Iraq." You start to decode the source core of all the "Bush lied," therefore "The War in Iraq is Illegitimate," spin.

I have neither the time or the inclination to pick apart these specious arguments so I will let the press and "Yellow Cake Joe" do it for me.

First pretense, there was no-connection between Saddam and Osama never pursed nukes wanted it if their was. Heck they didn't even know each others name. Nothing here to see folks, nothing to see!

...Oh really? Please watch, ABC make BUSHs' "Case for War" point by point in this (pre-Bush) 1999 report.

Second pretense, the story goes... "The courageous whistle blowing Joe Wilson" and his CIA wife have been the target of "the nefarious" Karl Rove. He personally unleashed a relentless cabal to ruin them by exposing her "super secret clandestine status" in the press, putting her life in danger and ending a bright career.

...Oh really? Better to let Joe Wilson tell you himself...

Spit take yet? If not, chant aloud with me, "Ignore the terrorist man behind the curtain. Ignore the terrorist man behind the curtain." Repeat this fifty times a day, believe it, now join the don't knows and the don't wanna knows.

More facts on wilson the press refuse to see...

1. Inside Cover Story

2. Plame security breach? It just ain't so, Joe

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

He'll play chess, You play checkers...

Holy Cow, Bush pulled the trigger on a supreme court judge

Ahem, If I may paraphrase... Bush is playing chess, while his enemies keep playing checkers. He did it again, the democrats were out flanked tonight, and he rope-a-dope the press keeping his choice a secret until the last moment and it pissed off the press...

After all this "Rove Row," It was very an interesting night last night to watch the media "demand leaks."

...yes It was.

He's found and nominated a solid conservative, intellectual, candidate that's well liked in Washington circles. Checkmate.

Let us guess what the democrats will say as they tear at him in public. Come on everybody sing along, you know the words to this old ditty.

"He's against the downtrodden..."
"He's against the environment..."
"He's against a woman's right to abort..."
"He's a ideologue, extremist, and out of the main stream."
"This is a crisis for minorities, and women, everywhere and a three legged tree frog somewhere."

Sigh same ol'e tired playbook.

Funny you will not here any of his detracters ask "if he's against the constitution." (and give coherent reasons why)

Feel better Now all together now, wipe a single tear from your eyes (sniff)

this is why he will be confirmed...
Not due to his education
Not due to his judicial decisions
Not because George Bush thinks he's 'god'

He will be confirmed because, he's spent years going to the right parties and
pressing the right kind of flesh. You see politics, like most professions is just like high school all the cool kids on the left like him, personally, emotionally, and when the money from the interest groups run dry they'll vote for him anyway.

Sorry ACLU
Sorry NOW
Sorry MoveON.hate


It was so freakin' that hot, that after I cut off the central ac last night due to rain, I was awaken this morning to the sound of crashing pictures because humidity and heat had loosen the glue on the picture hangers in just a few hours. OMG.

Grace and Nobility Under Fire

Soldier survives attack; captures, medically treats sniper (Video)

I challenge anyone to read this and watch this amazing video of the attack then come to the same conclusions about the conduct and character of the US fighting forces as Sen Dick Durbin.

• "If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control.  You would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime -- Pol Pot or others -- that had no concern for human beings."

They support the troops my ass! Are we to believe our troops systematically treat people like Nazi's did...really? I know, I know, the above comments were about fantasies and mythology surrounding treatment at 'Gitmo'. Nevertheless I see this as all part of a disturbing 'theme and larger trend', from those who think some sort of domestic political gain can made from defining our efforts against terror as ignoble and routinely monstrous.

Reality it seems, appears to be 180 degrees different than the political class 'out of power' would like us to believe. I think this soldiers conduct is more common in this war than the "Dicks" of the world, would care to admit.

Just a few links to the true horrors of inhuman societies

The Legacy of Pol Pot: Page 1
No, Dick, It’s Just You…
Q&A: A fresh look at the Soviet 'Gulag Archipelago'
Blog |
The Gulag Archipelego vs. Amnesty International's 'Gulags'
BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Pol Pot: Life of a tyrant
Barnes & - The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Say A Prayer for Gabby?

Originally posted on Feburary 25, 2005 at my other blog

On my best days I’m a bizarre man, a private man, and a slight mystery to most. Nonetheless a man who cherishes his friends, and takes a deep silent joy out of their successes and happiness. Alas it’s that joy my friends share with me that spurned me to start this blogg.

Above is an image of my friends PK & RB first child. Gabriella Ann, the only survivor of premature twins, thrown into this world at a scrappy 1 lb 8 oz. She’s a fighter. She’s getting the best neonatal care in the state. But I want to cover all the bases. So I want everyone reading this blogg (yes this means you) to “say a prayer for gabby”. All I ask is that say a quiet, small prayer for a small, quiet soul. The God you pray to is unimportant, your unambiguous desire for one “of the least of us” to get a break is very important. So take a second, thanks.

I know I know the web is plagued with cynical atheists, "smartest guy in the room" types, but I’m asking all to take one for the team. For a very simple reason… it couldn’t hurt, and it may just help.

If you feeling ambitious send your"prayer for gabby" to me at and I’ll pass it on to PK & RB.

(link to this site every prayer counts)


I saw Gabby's parents the other day at the All Star Game. They looked like young parents should, healthy, fit with faces unmared from previous troubles and worries as Gabby was fighting her ass off, in a near by city with a world class neonatal team.

I'm Happy to report that today the girl is coming in at robust 15lbs and growing...

Thank God, for nurses doctors and the human mind that figured how to help this baby. Thank you for your prayers, you know who you are.

Monday, July 11, 2005

After Days of Gloom Finally, Two Things Made Me Laugh today...

1) On the radio this morning: Will somebody tell me the name of the comedian that dressed Stevie Wonder (me: coffee spit take) for "Live 8." Somebody should sue him for doing that to that man.... I was laughing so hard I damn near had to pull over.

2) "Mommy mommy I want a "Anti-Commie Comic Book..."

Can you Imagine..?
(Note the approval by the comics code)

Hmmm... Then again would a "Jihad Threat to the West" comic be so bad.

Nevermind, we could never get it pass the P.C. police.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Knew This Day Would Come...

We knew this day would come...

Even as we rushed into Beruit to save "the Palestinian leader"
from certain destruction,
and they blew us up for our trouble.

Even as we tried to insure Somalians received food and not the warlords,
and they dragged us through the streets for our trouble.

Even as we released muslim women from the rape camps in Bosnia,
and they shot our planes down for our trouble.

Even as we freed 50 million muslims from governments
they claim to despise,
and they swore our "absolute destruction" for our trouble.

We knew this day would come...

And yet...

I feel guilty that I'm overjoyed that my friends,
and their families weren't hurt.

And yet...

I feel angry for those who were...


Godspeed, be careful, kiss your children, sleep safe.


As always, your in my prayers and America stands with you.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It was The first Night of Summer...

I. So I cut on the News before I went to bed like I always do, just to check out the weather and there it is, a five alarm fire. It's the burning of Studebaker Factory downtown, filling my screen, on every channel it is both captivating and frightening. I cut it off walk to the bedroom then find my self back in front of TV in less than a minute later staring looking past the news logos and inane chatter. You see I was here on that firey october night in 1984. I have seen this before. This was history on fire and I wanted to document it. I grab my camera and we're out the Door.

II. As we head downtown and I fumble with tapes, listen to radio's apocalyptic descriptions and watch the hellish red glow of the smoke get larger and larger. Still, this did not prepare me for what I see. It is breathtaking, The specter of this early 20th century structure ablaze reminds me of those old WWII "World at War," reels of London and Dresden I grew up on. The partially collapsed wood interior unfortunately provides plenty of fuel for a fire that had began at the corner of John R and Piquette, and will race to the far end at Brush street in under three hours. Standing here, mouth open, I can see why early man had a separate god for fire.

III. This town is at least 70 yrs older than the country itself and it shows. We're currently still using 19th century beaver pelt factory's as a casino. This wood beam factory was a marvel of its day . It sadden me to watch The Studebaker Piquette Avenue Plant burn, erasing Detroit history and memories in its path.

Just Imagine this was "the cradle" of the automotive industry, the silicon valley of its day. In this neighborhood, this very block, many well known auto giants built their legends. The original ford "Model T" plant is right next door, and at one point during the night to everyones horror, it too will be on fire. Between 1908 and 1962 this was the "heart beat" of Industrial revolution. This is where the industrial revolution perfected its self, mass production, the integrated supply line, the $5 dollar work day. Rarely does the world remember that most of our modern lifestyle, standards, affordability, etc., found its origin right on this hallowed ground.

Today, the building engulfed before me has four major storage and retail sites operating inside the compound including the Piquette Market,as well as several massive empty structures, Nonetheless, the Studebaker history on this site is amazing, renowned for being ahead of its times with its innovative designs. For me, it cemented it place in world History as a vital member of the "Arsenal of Democracy." After all the Studebaker "M Series" trucks were responsible for the bulk of the hauling during construction of the Burma road. These great trucks were also given to aid Russia, in fact tens of thousands served with the Russian army in W.W.II. Studebaker trucks also saw heavy use in building the Alaskan Hi-way. Their heavy duty frames were respected for the punishment they could take. It is a fact that Studebaker trucks were sought out as war prizes by the Germans, as the Studebakers were superior to any German military truck. Should we be surprised?

IV. People gather from at least three counties and two countries to witness this funeral pyre...You know the types, the neighborhood "I seent it, I seent all" folks. The news guy bored, hoping someone would die on camera for ratings, the many suburban "fire tourist", and of course lots of shooters like myself. As I work my way through the neighborhood looking for a better angles I speak with many of them, at industrial lots, in between, modern and post modern structures, under trees, standing on moon like surfaces, always with the ever present flames lighting our faces. The conversations have an eerie end of days feel them. But one woman will stick with me, after all this is said and done...

She walks up to me in tears and asks If "I was the press." Before I can answer she begins her "tale of woe." She catalogues her losses, records, furniture, etc., to this "beast" of a fire. So I Listen quietly and when she finished, the I gently point her toward the "News 4" van. A lady in red, brings her some coffee and walks her, sobbing to the van to be interviewed. I hope things will worked out.

In the end this will be one of those events that will casually come in conversation years from now...I'll smile at the guy across from me and say yeah I remember that night, I was there.

V. Ok, I have to admit to myself, I love watching the community come together.
These 150 Firemen fighting their way towards the buildings, as flames erupt behind them. They seem totally unfazed and keep hard charging forward, "Brave Bastards." Also much respect the cops keeping the crowd away from the crumbling walls and periodic explosion backing them up even Salvation Army backing everyone up, comforting those in sorrow with some much needed coffee food. Heros all... of course, thanks to all them no one will be hurt tonight."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hip "Da-Lite"

I was banging my way thru the web, when I ran into a cool video by DJ MAXXIMUS feat. MC SOOM T. It gave the same feeling I got when I first heard "Dee-Lite" and "LAMB" in the (gasp) 90's. Yeah, lots of energy, a hot sound, and fresh chick as the lead.

Hope you dig their video like I did.

Click image above for video

For more info about the group, MC Soom T, and the
Glasgow Underground hit monkeytribe

Friday, July 01, 2005

This Is Just wrong I tell you...

Originally uploaded by "CAVE CANEM".

On second thought, why does any of this surprise me? Lucas long ago gave up any pretext to storytelling. Can Someone please tell me the story arch the Ewoks fulfilled? I mean, can't you just see the Marketing Minions laying prostrate before Ol'e George presenting the next brave new world for the Star Wars Empire inside the "death star" we call Skywalker Ranch...

Marketing Minions in unison, " My lord"
George Lucas, " Yes my slavish minions"

MM: " We have found yet another set of rubes to exploit and thus expand your dark reach
GL: What!!! you told me none had escaped "The Lucas-Force of Mass Marketing." That my powers were worldwide, my saturation powers endless," staring, eyebrow raised.
MM: Fearfully bowing an scraping, "True dat Great and powerful one. There are no shadows to dark or child to poor that they could not, no strike that, would not consume whatever crap you regurgitate"
GL: "Go on"
MM: Nevertheless your Eminence we found a community, once shunned when you "began" your quest for "absolute power", but now are embrace as normal by midday talk shows. We also found that they are flush with cash with no sense of impulse control.
GL: "Go on"
MM: "Sire we give you the Fetish community"
GL: "Fascinating, you soulless curs, bring me home now"
MM: "Our projections show with the right amount of Marketing and "Official Licensing" we can reach 100% saturation in six months"
GL: I'm Brilliant!! But what will our are cover story be against any off- the-reservation rebels.
MM: "we can say we're doing it for the kids."
GL: Rubbing hands together, "Yesssssss, excellent!! That
just might work!"
MM: Smiling and nodding in agreement, "That old sawbone beats them every time master."

GL: "Good! So let be filmed, So let it be done!!!!"

And with a dismissive wave of his hand, the faceless minions quickly slither out of the room through unseen exits,

or at least that's how I imagine these things get done.

C.C. @2005

The devil is just one man with a plan, but evil ... true evil is a collaboration of men which is what we have here today. If I am a guilty man, my crime is in daring to believe that the truth will out ... I believe it still. Much as you try to bury it, the truth is out there. Greater than your lies, the truth wants to be known. ...It'll come to you as it's come to me, faster than the speed of light. -agent Fox Mulder